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The Hopeful Puffin III, Viking Ship Trunk or Treat

Roughing out the basic ship shape

One week out from the trunk or treat: took some large boxes and tried to approximate the front of a viking ship. We’re neck deep in the How to Train Your Dragon book series (quite good, though very different from the movies), and our viking ship is the imagined ‘Hopeful Puffin III.’ In the books the dilapidated Hopeful Puffin ship captained by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third & Fishlegs, repeatedly set out on adventures when the odds were against them.. seemed an appropriate theme for what we were trying to accomplish here.

Setting the kids up to paint paper plates
Viking shields ready to go <3
Got this ruby colored table cloth off Amazon for $12. Used Sharpie & gold fabric paint for the Dragonmark.
The sail is held up by a pine pole, with a pvc cross-piece at the top. Took the umbrella base from the backyard to keep it upright & stable.

Dragon head silhouette

Folded cardboard hot glued to give it structure

My daughter enjoyed coloring dragon details to make them pop <3
Final dragon head, with painted pieces hot glued on & gold sticker paper accents.
Adding the ship’s name <3

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