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Costume Variations Inspired by Skye & Rubble from Paw Patrol

Jetpack for Skye from Paw Patrol

Puppies combined with occupations like pilots, police officers and firemen… how could a little kid not love this show? These are some process pics of a Skye from Paw Patrol inspired halloween costume I made for my daughter. I say inspired because we changed some things for what we had on hand. As long as the themes are puppy, aviation and pink… the costume should read as the character.

Sewing is one of the more challenging tasks for me, so to cut it down and save time I started with a pink hooded vest found on ebay.

Since the vest had a filling, I sewed 2 lines to cut between.
card board, ribbon, fluffy material, stuffing & pipe cleaners for the ears
foam-core and scrap paper for the badge
Took some steam punk goggles apart and transformed them for Skye goggles. NOTE: made sure to use durable plastic lenses, not glass.
For the wings of the jet pack I used stainless steel contact paper over foam… Next time, I’d use something more rigid than foam, maybe chip board… the wings were pretty beat up by the end of the night.
A lunch box and a back pack were used as the base for the jetpack.
Starting point: the vest
Skye costume with accessories

Rubble Inspired Costume

Same approach as the Skye costume above; Found some pieces that are close, then started customizing.

Badges were made with foam core and scrap papers.
Helmet ears were made with same materials as the Skye ears.
To start I did some small templates using letter sized paper. Once I had it figured out, I scanned it and scaled it up, then cut the pieces with an exacto out of corrugated yellow sheet.
I had to go back and redo the whole process after the first digger was too big.
Vest and helmet before
Final pieces. If I were to redo this one, I would have just used a brown back pack. The mounting piece for the digger needed to be longer, this version sagged a little.

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